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PollyThe Sybian is an excellent machine that is a great aide to achieving orgasms.  It was very empowering for me to use and experience.  In the event that you are using this machine for your own purposes of masturbation, you may be able to achieve new levels of appreciation for sexuality that you may not have been previously aware of.  For myself personally I experienced a new level of multiple orgasm and discovered sweet spots, that are physically located in my vagina that I have never experienced before.  I consider myself very sex positive and am very familiar with my body and was grateful to become even more aware of my body.

I also believe that it has the ability to create bliss.  Being in an elevated state of ecstasy holds much power.  This machine contributes greatly to this power.  When raising power like this we can release it into the direction of our personal desires.  What a tool for manifestation.

My partner wants to get me a Sybian so that when I am in this elevated ecstasy, he can make wishes on my vagina.

Have Fun!

Polly Garter

Angel StarThe Sybian - wow, where do I start.  Well it's a fabulous self indulging super vibrator.  As a woman, you get on it and your in for a ride of your life.  It's an experience unlike any other.  Basically your riding a vibrator that has the max power of orgasm.  Even for the ladies who are use to orgasming, it's unlike any other orgasm you've ever had before. 

The Sybian takes over your whole body with different vibratory frequencies; and once you start orgasming, it's nearly impossible to stop.  It can give you quite the physical work out with orgasmic sensation that not only stimulates your vagina, it also encompasses your clitoral orgasm; and together they just don't stop. 

Ultimately in the end it leaves you feeling refreshed and for the ladies that are still learning about themselves, it gives you quite a bit on what to enjoy for yourself and in attracting the right potential sexual partner and not spread yourself thin.  Although, I'm not sure there's a man out there that can do what the Sybian can do for non-stop extreme orgasm.  It's an experience to experience for your own and say it's worth trying at least once in your life.

Cheers, Angel Star

Anna BananaI will admit, at first I was a bit intimidated by the Sybian.  It was this HUGE saddle like thing, with a big black extension cord, and this crazy remote.  I was a bit timid at first. 

I started out with a small attachment, at low speed.  The second the Sybian was turned on I felt instant satisfaction.  Within the first 5 minutes I had already reached two orgasms.  The speed was turned up and this amazing rush took over my body.  I had several more orgasms. I used the bigger attached and built up to a faster speed.  I rode it for a long time, until I was no longer able to walk. 

This is an amazing machine and I HIGHLY recommend riding it at least once.  You won't be sorry! 

The only draw back to this is the morning after; my thighs were very sore the next day.


KimmyI was real apprehensive about first riding the Sybian machine.  After watching a few videos with adult actresses totally losing it, I wondered if I myself was up to the challenge.  When I first laid my eyes on the machine I thought to myself, 'that is one deceptive machine'.  It looks like a relatively innocent black rounded stool.  But looks are deceiving!

My first round I had to use some lube as I was so nervous about what was to occur.  Since achieving an orgasm has always been an arduous task for me it took quite awhile for me to cum, but did I ever!!  I squirted so much that the towel laid underneath was wet.  I came a couple extra times, none as strong as that, and shakily got off the machine.

After a comfortable break, it was time to ride the machine again.  This time, I required no lube, I was ready and willing to get on again.  It didn't take long for the orgasms to come to me again.  Once again I squirted and I was able to have more orgasms.  I had to get off because my legs were cramping.  Nothing against the machine, I just didn't think ahead as I am short and my legs barely reached the ground.

Once again, I took a break.  I then got on for the third and final time of the day.  The machine was turned on and up.  I took less time to reach orgasm and squirted again and then again and had a few more orgasms.  It felt so good.  I begged for the machine to be turned off, which it was and shakily dismounted and sat down as my body twitched inside.  I felt deliciously satiated for the rest of the day.