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The Sybian is a revolution in sex toys for women!  Neither a mere vibrator nor a dildo, the Sybian is an amazing orgasm machine for women which delivers high-powered orgasms of supreme intensity to all women, regardless of how easy or difficult they find it to achieve orgasm at the moment!

The working part of the machine consists of a dildo - a false penis, if you like - which is mounted on a cunningly designed motor shaft that can rotate, vibrate in any combination you like.  The motion, speed, and power of the machine are completely controllable at all times, so you can prolong your arousal or enjoy a quick orgasm however you choose.

When you use the dildo like a penis to enjoy vaginal penetration, the Sybian will provide you with wonderful G-spot stimulation which can lead to massive, rolling, multiple orgasms.

The Sybian provides you the opportunity to be a consistently orgasmic woman whenever, however you prefer.  The sheer intensity and pleasure of the orgasms it produces cannot be matched by any other sex toy.  With its unique design, all your needs are taken care of effectively, whenever you want.



Sasha when she visited the studio


Ariel when she visited the studio